Special - Poems from the Heart of Nursing: Selected Poems from the American Journal of Nursing

  • ISBN: 9781558105256
  • PUB# 9781558105256

Teresa Stone, BSN, RNC, PRP, CP, editor

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This diverse collection of poems first published in the American Journal of Nursing will inspire and bring comfort and joy to nurses of all ages. These works, written for such celebrated nurses like Florence Nightingale as well as other extraordinary nurses, delve deep into the heart and soul of nursing. The style, the rhyme, the quality of the poems varies greatly, but each is cherished for its valued link to the history of nursing, which has shaped today’s nursing profession. You will find inspiration, love, and—above all—care on every page.

Poems from the Heart of Nursing is a must-have title for your library and is an ideal gift for nurses, colleagues, educators, students, researchers, and historians, as well as friends and family in the profession. Order today here online or call 301-628-5208.

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